Japanese foodies... in here!

25 Jun 2019 (Tue)

Do you love Japanese food? Are you curious about Japanese cuisine? Do you worry about what to order in a Japanese restaurant? Well, here's some information for you...

If you go to an authentic Japanese restaurant such as So Restaurant in London, there will be set menus so that you can try a variety of dishes. All their dishes have an English translation so it's easy to order a la carte too.

We wrote a blog some time ago about sushi rice which is worth a read and it's a fun family activity to all get involved in cooking your own sushi at home.

Tempura is the lightest of batters and features heavily in Japanese menus, usually served with a delicious dipping sauce. Here's a blog from our sister company ikisho who provide the most amazing Japanese dining experience.

Have you ever thought about learning to cook Japanese-style? There is an awesome cooking school based in London (on Middlesex Street close to Petticoat Lane Market) called Sozai Cooking School. There are basic courses for the novice chefs and more advanced courses for those with some experience. You can attend a class on your own, with friends, or arrange a private event for any occasion from a birthday party to a corporate team building event.

Of course, we have eho chefs who can come to your home and cook for you too at an every day price. Take a look at Tokie's 'Japanese Comfort Food' menu or Hiroshi's 'Canapes and Live Sushi party' menu.

As always, we'd love to hear from you about your experiences and any restaurants you've eaten in which you can recommend to us! Please drop us an email at foodies@ehochef.com,  tag us on Instagram (@ehochef) or put a post on Facebook where you will also find regular news and top tips and call us any time on 020 7183 1628. Bookings for eho chefs can be made here and we look forward to hearing from you.

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