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05 October 2018

Is your cup half full or half empty?

Written by Linda Wilkinson

Whether your cup is half full or half empty is a question many people ask, but have you ever actually stopped and thought about it? In all aspects of life (work, family, friends, pets) there are always ups and downs - the important thing is to celebrate the good and learn from the bad. 

It's the first week of October, so are you thinking... "summer's over" and subsequently feeling fed up that the cold weather is kicking in and Christmas needs to be organised? At eho chef we always endeavour to keep our cup half full - so, the cold weather is kicking in and we're looking forward to warm boots on our feet and a snuggly scarf for our journeys to and from work! Christmas is coming and yes, it takes organisation and discussions, but just because the shops are full of decorations, we're looking forward to all the fun things to do during the autumn.

Here's a few ideas we've discovered for you:

1. Check out the Time Out website - it's where we found out that on a Sunday there's a Flower Market in Bethnal Green so the colours and aromas will be sure to make a morning stroll a joy!

2. Have you ever avoided museums because the queues of tourists are so long during the summer? How about putting that on your 'to do list' this autumn and pop along to museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum.

3. When you live in London it's so easy to not do and see the tourist attractions - unless it's very wet weather, the 'Changing of the Guard' at Buckingham Palace goes ahead at 10.45am throughout the winter months; be sure to arrive much earlier to secure a good viewing spot.

4. The London Bridge experience is doing something special just for 4 days at the end of October called 'Phobophobia' which will be spookily appropriate for Halloween!

5. Another website worth a search is Secret London which is where we discovered the 'New Yayoi Kusama Exhibition' at the Victoria Miro (Tuesdays to Saturdays only) which is now on our wish list of places to go!

Do let us know if we've inspired you to do something different this month - we'd love to hear from you.  You can drop us an email at, or tag us on Instagram @ehochef or put a post on Facebook. If you need dinner cooking for you at the end of an exciting day, remember to book a chef via