How to Cook Cauliflower

02 Apr 2019 (Tue)

I've always found cauliflower to be quite a bland vegetable, but that's probably because it was boiled to death and therefore soft and tasteless... please don't tell my Mum or Mother-in-law I said that!

I've always loved food, as reflected in my middle age waistline, however, since I've been working at eho chef and had the joy of experiencing an eho chef cooking for me at home and at a few dinner parties I've attended, I've started to be a little more adventurous with my own cooking.

Having done some research and experimented myself, here's a few ideas to make cauliflower really tasty and more exciting...

* Cauliflower Cheese - make your own white sauce starting with a roux, use a low fat milk and reduced fat cheese and just before you pop it in the oven, sprinkle with some chilli powder or paprika for a bit of colour and flavour. I often add broccoli which increases the fibre and vitamin content. I'm also known to cheat and buy the frozen version which is great for emergency veg when you've run out of fresh!

* Cauliflower Soup - using a basic onion soup base, add cauliflower and some garam masala for an awesomely creamy and warming soup.

* Cauliflower Steaks - I'd heard of this, seen it done on TV cooking shows but never tried it myself until last week. My advice is to buy a larger cauliflower as I only got two steaks from a small one. There are various recipes online so I just sprayed mine with olive oil, added freshly ground salt and pepper, finely sprinkled on some chilli powder and it was amazing! 

* Cauliflower Rice - I've seen this in the supermarkets and am keen to try it at home for myself. I found a website (Minimalist Baker) when I was searching for top tips to make successful cauliflower rice which is well worth a browse.

* Cauliflower Pizza - when I came up with the idea to write a blog on cauliflower I had absolutely no clue that I'd come across a pizza recipe on BBC Good Food! What a great alternative for gluten free pizza.

I've learned so much about cauliflower today and I hope this inspires you to eat more of it as it also has many health benefits too according to Health Online.

I want to end this blog with highlighting some eho chefs who include cauliflower in their menu:

For roasted cauliflower salad, take a look at Kirsty's Vegan Dinner Party Menu, Robert has a delicious dish of scallops with cauliflower purée in his 'British Summer' menu and Jodie has cauliflower soup with pancetta and truffle oil in her 'Winter Dinner Party' menu and even has the option of cauliflower velouté shots in her Canapés!

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