How to be a first time host

12 Feb 2018 (Mon)

Now at eho chef we are proud to offer affordable private dining experiences for those millennials who want to access mouth-watering food without paying eye-watering prices. Working with this generation we create menus that open their gastronomical tastes in the comfort of their very own homes. And, of course, this means they can provide their own alcohol at rather lower rates than the restaurants. A win win for everyone we are sure you will agree.
However, when speaking to this hardworking bunch of guys and gals we find they are often nervous about playing host. Having watched their parents host civilised dinner parties - they want to do something a little alternative whist still maintaining some semblance of decorum. So for your reading pleasure we at eho chef have compiled a handy how-to list on how to be a first time host.

1. The Guest list
At eho chef we would advise spending some time on the guest list. Make sure you have a mix of personalities - some loud, some quiet as well as a good gender balance. Of course, the most salient point is to make sure that none of your guests have any past issues… mixing alcohol with prior issues will never turn out well.

2. The arrival
Heard the phrase you never get the second chance to make a first impression? Well this rings true for hosting as much as anything else. However stressed you are, remember to greet your guests with a smile, take their coats (and ideally have a hook available on which to hang them) and offer them a cold beverage. This will immediately make them feel at home, relaxed and ready to enjoy the party.

3. Consider having a theme
We know… these can sound rather cheesy and be a little clichéd, but if you really commit they can be rather fun and offer an easy focal point for the night. And they don’t have to be traditional - whilst there is nothing wrong with American or Chinese, you could go political (Trump) or, for the slightly more glamorous, a masquerade ball. This offers an immediate talking point, a simple decoration option as well as a fairly obvious music playlist (a must for any dinner party.)

4. Electronics
Lead by example and try to put your mobile phone away. And by away we mean upstairs, hidden under pillows and ideally behind a locked door. It can be all too tempting to whip your phone out, which will see the rest of your dinner party follow suit. Before you know it your entire group will be communicating via WhatsApp whilst playing Candy Crush. Keep the phones away and instead have some interesting topics ready in case of any awkward silences.

5. Hire an eho chef
If you are a first time host and nervous about cooking without say… burning the house down, we would recommend hiring an eho chef for your private dinner party. Affordable, helpful and discrete - they are not just for the social elite. With some truly fantastic menus cooked from the comfort of your own home - your eho chef will even clear up after themselves. The perfect complement to any first time host.

Do you have any first time hosting experiences you care to share? We would love to hear from you. And, of course, if you are interested in arranging a fine dining experience catered in your very own home in both London and surrounding areas. Please feel free to give us a call on 0207 183 1628 or drop us a line on

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