Healthy eating in January

04 Jan 2018 (Thu)

At eho chef we cater a number of private Christmas and New Years parties around the December period. Whether it’s parties for your colleagues or friends enjoying a bite to eat, our festive menus are delectable, delicious and the easiest possible way of hosting. However, with all these eho chef parties as well as the obligatory work do’s it can be easy to pile on the pounds. A mince pie here….a chocolate log there…slowly, but oh so surely, come January it is far too easy to feel sluggy, lethargic and a little heavier than when you started. However, fear not because we at eho chef have some fantastic ways of getting back to that healthy (ish) lifestyle come January, all without losing out on your social life.

1. Dry January
This one is followed by a fair few adults in the UK so you should be in good company. With alcohol containing a fair amount of calories, the average glass of wine contains about 85 calories it can be all too easy to pile on the pounds. Not only can that, when drunk in excess it can cause some serious health problems as well as some regrettable behaviour that is instantly regretted the morning after.  So doing dry January can not only help your weight, but it can also protect your liver, wallet and emotional welfare.
Of course, at eho chef we provide catered fine dining experiences that can be an alcohol free zone. Simply hide all your liquor and request that guests bring a gift without any actual alcohol – and there you have it a fool proof way of enjoying Dry January.

2. Join a fitness club
We’ve all been there…come January we join our local gym in the hope that we can shift those Christmas pounds. However, the gym can prove extremely daunting to a workout novice and it can be all too easy to skip that workout. Instead why not try joining a local club? Not only can it help lead to an active, healthier lifestyle but you may also make some new friends. Where the eho chef team are based in North West London there are a range of fantastic activities like running, trampolining (really) and rollerblading to name just a few.

3. Breakfast
In the cold winter you may often feel far hungrier than in the Summer months. For a smashing start to the day we would recommend having a good hearty breakfast. At eho chef our personal favourite is porridge; not only is it warming and delicious, but you can soak it the night before for a quick fix in the morning. And for our foodie clients – you never need to be bored with flavours ranging from chocolate to carrot cake.

4. Veganuary
This is becoming increasingly popular as people look to tackle the excesses of Christmas. Not only, is it beneficial to the environment and more specifically to animals, but research suggests it can even fight cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 Diabetes. There is also a lower rate of obesity amongst vegans – even Bill Clinton is one! So why not try it out for January?
And it certainly doesn’t mean missing out on stunning food. At eho chef we offer a number of fine dining, vegan experiences and with some flexible chefs cooking up a gastronomic storm being vegan can open up a whole new world of opportunities.  

5. Food Prep
At cho chef we are big believers in creating affordable, delicious food. Which is why we offer menus starting from as little from £20 for your very own fine dining experience. However, even without your own private chef, it is possible to have affordable, healthy and yummy meals. Try out food prepping – by planning and prepping your meals you will find there is far less waste and you can plan your meals far more accurately.

If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you or if you are interested in any of our fine dining experiences in London or the rest of the UK please feel free to give us a call on 0207 183 1628 or drop us an email on

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