Fine Dining at Home that’s affordable? You’re kidding me!

08 Mar 2018 (Thu)

My initial reaction to an opportunity someone put my way after redundancy was "Fine Dining at Home that’s affordable? You’re kidding me!", but I immediately loved the concept of eho chef and I really wanted to FEEL the power of the product so I invited some special friends over for dinner and booked Nigel Glynn. Why Nigel? Well, my husband particularly loves lamb (which I never seem to get rare enough for his taste) and his herb crusted duo of lamb dish really caught our eye.

The process of booking is really simple, it’s a case of logging on and putting in your search criteria, i.e. when, where, how many guests and your budget per head.  Browse through the menus and then request one, two or even three chefs.  They will respond with their availability and it’s at that time that you make a decision and pay.  The date is then confirmed for that chef who will connect with you directly prior to your event.  It's so easy!

There is, of course, flexibility on your choice of food and accommodating special dietary requirements.  You can talk about this at any stage of the booking process directly with your chef via the website and by phone once the booking is confirmed.  Don’t worry if you decide to swap chicken for fillet steak and the price goes up, we can sort that out behind the scenes.

Between booking Nigel and the actual evening, we only spoke once, but I would have felt comfortable calling him more than that if I had wanted or needed to.  It was a real treat not having to do anything, not even go shopping beforehand as that’s all done by your chef.

Nigel arrived when he said he would, two hours before we wanted to start eating our meal.  It didn’t take long to show him around the kitchen and he immediately felt like part of the family, including our 11 year old son in conversation even though he wouldn’t be eating with us. He was also very patient with our 7 month old puppy trying to steal the shepherd’s pies!  Where else can you enjoy a meal for adults without paying for a babysitter and puppy-care?

When our guests arrived, my husband and I were able to focus 100% on them together - usually Barry would welcome the guests and I’d be sweating it out in the kitchen or rushing around still getting ready because I’d spent too long in the kitchen… I’m sure many of you reading this will relate to that!

Throughout the meal, Nigel subtly checked with me before serving each course and clearing the plates away.  He professionally explained each course as he served it - I felt like I was on Masterchef!  The added joy of Nigel doing all the washing up and putting away as he went along was spectacular, although I did insist he filled the dishwasher with the plates and we’d put them away in the morning!

Nigel’s professionalism throughout was a significant contribution to the enjoyment of our evening.  Every time he interacted with us, he chose the time perfectly and the flow of our conversations was never interrupted.

So…. If you love good food and good service but don’t fancy going out, be sure to visit ehochef or give us a call on 0207 183 1628 and if you want to tell us about your experience, please feel free to drop us a line on

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