31 Dec 2030 (Tue)

In our last blog we started to outline how to tackle your social media activity with a solid strategy. 

Below we touch on the final steps to ensure you achieve success and see the fruits of your hard work. 

Collaboration over competition

There’s a reason it’s called Social Media – as well as engaging with your followers and potential customers, don’t forget to follow, support and tag in the businesses and accounts you know and like too, even if they’re fellow chefs or restaurants. We might be delivering the same service, but we’re not all in the same area or offering the same cuisine.

Promote their content if you think it might be valuable to your audience or tag them in to either comment or even set them a challenge to respond. They in turn will mostly do the same and promote you also.

Social media users like a community and will start to follow not only one account but other like-minded accounts too to build their community.

There’s business for all but also, a chance for referrals.

Budget for Ad Spend

Social media advertising is by far the most cost-effective use of your marketing budget. Organic reach takes time to nurture effectively. If you have budget, do consider investing in some social media ad spend to boost your reach and target your audience more effectively.

You can use popular posts or content and boost them to a wider audience. You can create ad campaigns to promote your social media pages or promote offers or your services.

The great thing as a local service with social media advertising is that the more specifically you match your targeting to people who want to see your ads, the cheaper they are.  Therefore you can run some great local campaigns for even the tightest budget even £5 or £10 can go a long way with a well targeted ad that provides a good user experience.

Analyse your activity

Social media channels provide their own insights as to what your visitors like and what content they react to. 

Is your audience predominantly male or female (you can tailor the content to what will appeal to their purchasing behaviour), what age group are they in (this will help with language), what days/time do they engage with your posts (you can post around this time for better engagement).

As well as looking at the platform’s insights also check your Google Analytics –Are people coming to your site from social media? Are you noticing an increase in ‘direct searches’?  This will show you if your social media activity is driving people to your website.  Are you asking them to sign up to your newsletter? Are they enquiring about bookings?  

There needs to be a journey from the social media content that leads back to your own platform – or if you don’t have your own website, put your eho chef profile link in your bio and ask us if your audience is looking at it!
By learning more about your customer, you can better shape your marketing for better results and reach.

Be patient 

Unless you have someone helping you with your social media activity, it can take a while to see results. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see a quick turnaround, it can take time and effort, but by having a solid social media strategy in place you can ensure that the hard work will ultimately pay off.

Good luck! Keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have more specific questions, please email us at or message our WhatsApp group for Chefs. Please text 07385 291217 if you have not been added yet. We are happy support you as you navigate around your marketing. 

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