31 Dec 2030 (Tue)

Social media for business can be a rabbit hole if you don’t understand why, and how to use it to your best advantage. 

You can spend hours of time on social media, easily feel overwhelmed and lose interest and consistency which impacts your success. So how can you win with social media?

Some of our chefs are social media pros, but for those we’ve been speaking to who are just starting out or want to understand it better – read on!   

Why social media?

Social media is where your potential customer is hanging out online. They're looking for inspiring and creative content for entertainment, ideas and recommendations. It can be highly targeted and unless you're paying for adverts, its free! 

It’s also a great network where you can reach local media, partner companies and businesses for better connections or to help promote your business.

Know your audience 

The first step to your social media strategy is to clarify who your ideal clients are. Are they local customers, or are you looking for more corporate work? Understanding your client (gender, age, location, interests, even profession), will help you choose which social media platforms to focus your efforts, the type of content you need to produce, the tone/language to use and what offers and services you can provide.

Choose your platform wisely

Do you know the difference between Facebook as opposed to Instagram? Should you be on LinkedIn? There are various platforms to choose from, so instead of trying to do everything, choose the platform that best suits your audience and who you want to reach. 

Understand how each platform works and then invest your time and budget, if you have one, on making sure you’re creating a channel that’s engaging and valuable and will reap the most results.

Where possible, re-purpose and share your content onto maybe two or three other platforms maximum, but only if it’s beneficial to the audiences you want to reach and attract.

Engaging content

Social media followers are looking for content that inspires and excites. Whether this includes exciting pictures of food, recipe ideas or behind the scenes shots – they want insights into how you work, create and deliver.

However, with all social media channels, it’s not just about creating content and posting. Social media success is determined by engagement. The more engaging your content is, the more people it will be shown to.

Social media platforms prioritise the experience they provide to customers first. They don’t want their users to be bombarded with marketing or sales content because this causes the users to get bored and leave their platforms, so they use clever algorithms to determine how engaging and interesting your content is.

“Content is king but engagement is queen and the lady rules the house”  - Mari Smith

Why is this important? You need to know what type of content is suitable for each platform.

Provide value

One of the key mistakes made by businesses on social media is that they just promote what they’re doing, and don’t provide value to their followers. This leads to an inactive follower base or people leaving your pages.

Every time you post content, think – what’s the benefit to read/watch this? Is it informative, helpful, does it help you to develop a better relationship with your audience, is it entertaining? 
Whilst you will want more customers to book with you, to request this in every post appears pushy and again, will deter customers. 

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