Choosing a job which you love is so important

05 Apr 2018 (Thu)

We are all foodies at eho chef which is why we love our jobs and regularly use the eho chef service for ourselves.  Most of us work remotely but getting together in our office on a regular basis is fun and we always have a full agenda, hence why we ask our chefs to cater for our lunch at these gatherings.

Today we have chosen Lina Lin to cook for us and I had no intention of writing this blog until I took the above snapshot of my colleagues getting prepared to take photographs of our delicious starter.  In the kitchen I spotted the squid ink pasta ready for cooking and immediately saw an opportunity to take a photo for Instagram.  The menu we have chosen is ‘Seafood Paradise’, however, do check out her other menus.

eho chef, Elia Carulla, introduced Lina to us and her experience is that by providing private dining experiences, she has greater job satisfaction, but works less hours than her friends who work in restaurants.

So how do we help the chefs that want to work for themselves?  We provide opportunities for them to meet new clients because of the work we do ‘behind the scenes’.  That includes writing blogs and using Facebook/Instagram to lure potential clients in with lovely photographs, advertising, discounts and interesting content as well as the more boring, but necessary, technical updates continuously being implemented.

Some bookings are straightforward… the client browses the eho chefs, makes their choice and the event is arranged.  Others need some input from us to make the event happen. This could be because there are no eho chefs in the client’s location so we make suggestions of eho chefs who are willing to travel.  Or perhaps it could be that it’s a last-minute request which requires phone calls to make it happen.  We can do all of that and more.

Having read this, if you are interested in arranging a private dining experience catered in your very own home in London and surrounding areas, please feel free to give us a call on 0207 183 1628 or drop us a line at

Ready to get your dinner sorted?