Cakes, puddings and all things sweet!

13 Apr 2018 (Fri)

We had an email at eho chef this week to ask if we’d like to share a blog on our website.  Unfortunately their service doesn’t cover the United Kingdom, but we love their ‘Dessert Charcuterie Board’ idea, so here’s a link to their blog: Shari’s Berries - do mark it as a favourite if you have friends and/or family in America; we’re sure they’d be excited to have a delivery from there!  It’s a fabulous idea and something you could create at home.

This email got us talking about cake!  Now, eho chefs create desserts that are always scrumptious, and guess what? We have two chefs who have dessert only menus published - Michael Lipscombe and Kirsty Beighton!  

As always, our conversations go a bit off-piste and today we started to wonder why we call dessert a dessert (not a desert of course as that’s just hot sand... my words, not a proper dictionary description) and a pudding a pudding.  We did a spot of research and the answer is that a dessert is always sweet but a pudding can be sweet and savoury (think steak and kidney pudding). Just a little bit of useless information that may or may not come up next time you’re out on a Quiz Night or playing‘Trivial Pursuit’!

What’s your favourite dessert?  What’s the most unusual flavoured cake you’ve tasted?  We’d love to hear from you and if you are interested in arranging a private dining experience at home (with or without a savoury course!), please feel free to give us a call on 0207 183 1628 or drop us a line at

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