eho chef team member goes undercover as a waitress!

22 Mar 2018 (Thu)

I watch quite a lot of TV and over the years have really enjoyed watching documentaries about management taking time to be ‘hands-on’ in their business, think ‘Undercover Boss’.  I worked in Halkidiki (Greek mainland) and Lanzarote (Canary Islands) as a representative for Thomson Holidays (now TUI) before working for their head office.  The culture was very much to recruit overseas staff for head office roles so that they had an understanding of the front line of the company, so much so that I recall Nigel David, Holiday Services Director putting on a uniform and spending time as a rep (more than once!) way before the TV program was invented!

When a booking came in to eho chef for a company Christmas lunch in North London, the requested chef, Jonathan Kara-Hughes, couldn’t get there nor cater for the volume of guests without his usual support who had another commitment that day, so I immediately offered to be his chauffeur and become a waitress for the day - an exciting opportunity to see first-hand how our chefs work.

I was given the most amazing brief regarding what to wear, what my role would be and at what times Jonathan would require time alerts.  It suddenly seemed a very long time ago since my last waitress role in a John Lewis restaurant serving the standard “tea for two and two toasted tea cakes” order!  

I hadn’t met Jonathan before so was nervous when I picked him up, loading the food and equipment into the boot of my car; he wasn't risking the vegetarian panna cotta dessert in the boot though, so balanced it on his lap in the front seat!  

Watching Jonny at work was a real treat… he usually prepares the portions and sauces at home and vacuum packs them so there is very little waste at the venue. The magic of seeing him juggling so many tasks and getting everything ready at the right time to serve all the guests simultaneously was inspiring.  When the guests were eating, drinking, chatting and laughing, I really understood how much a chef enjoys feeding people, how focussed and talented they are and how long they survive without eating themselves… I had proper hunger pains at the end of the event!

So, the moral of this story is that I truly had an insight into what an eho chef does which will help me in my role as Business Development Manager, especially when communicating with clients.  Please visit the website or give us a call on 020 7183 1628 if you fancy hiring Jonathan or any of our private chefs - we can cater for any gathering whether it's formal or informal, big or small.

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