A nanny does more than look after children!

29 Jun 2018 (Fri)

At eho chef we've had several nannies make enquiries about hiring a private chef - we’re not talking about grandparent type nannies in this instance, but about the professional nannies who look after babies and children whilst the parents work, usually long hours.

These nannies are trained in so much more than caring for their young charges. They might provide a taxi service (ferrying the children to school, clubs and playdates), a chef service (they most certainly will be shopping, preparing and cooking the meals for the children), a house keeper (think of all the cleaning up they do after the children, together with all the washing they sort, wash, dry and iron), the list is endless of the benefit they give to their household.  Super Nanny only scratches the surface of the trials and tribulations that a nanny can face as she/he goes about their daily routine!

Nannies may also take on the role of PA and/or concierge for the family and can be asked to make bookings for restaurants, theatre trips, etc.  This is where we’ve “met” some nannies when they’ve co-ordinated the booking of a private chef for their employers and come to eho chef for that service.

So, the morale of this story, is “never underestimate the power of a nanny".

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