8 Alternative Ways Of Seeing In The New Year

12 Dec 2019 (Thu)


8 Alternative Ways Of Seeing In The New Year’s

New Year usually signals a BIG celebration of drinks, parties, clubbing and dancing. It’s great to get together with friends and loved ones, as well as meeting new people who are just happy and joyous to say goodbye to the year and welcome in the new! 

However going large might for some lose its sparkle. Perhaps the thought of expensive entry tickets, queues and crowds, as well as trying to get home afterwards might not appeal. Looking for alternative New Year’s Eve ideas? 

If you’re choosing to stay in this Year – here are a few fun ways to avoid simply sitting in front of the TV until the bells chime at midnight. 

Declutter – Out With The Old!
OK this may take longer than one day depending on how much you need to do.  Christmas can bring mayhem and clutter, and the fresh new year might sparkle a little more if the house does too.  A little controversial, but if you can bear it, take down and pack away the Christmas decorations early. Do an early spring clean or perhaps make a plan to declutter and recycle, donate to charity in the New Year and make way for the new! 

Have a Sleep Over 

Ever feel that kids have more fun that we do? Sometimes just spending it with the people you know and love can be just as wonderful. Perhaps it’s a movie night or simply chatting until the early morning hours. Waking up and sharing breakfast or brunch together is a great way to start the New Year with those you care about. 

Create your 2020 Vision and Plan

Whilst the New Year brings excitement and opportunity, what does that actually mean? Perhaps enjoy a night imagining and deciding what you want to achieve for the year ahead. Make some solid plans, create a vision board so you can see it daily and act as a reminder of what you want from the year. Doing it together with trusted and supportive friends and family can also act as accountability buddies to give you support and encouragement, keeping you on track to reach those goals. 

Have a Meal Together 

Enjoying a meal together is one of the greatest ways to bond and celebrate good times. Whether you want to cook yourself, ask everyone to bring a dish, or book your own chef with eho chef so you don’t have to worry or lift a finger (or even wash up!), great food, great company and great memories are a wonderful way to celebrate family and friendships. 

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Play That Funky Music 

Just because you’re indoors in the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean that you can’t party, just without the crowds which is even better. Get in a Karaoke machine, dial up the tunes, bring together those instruments and jam the night away – singing is a great way to lift those festive spirits! 

Games Night – Bring It On! 

This could go two ways depending how competitive you are! From board games like Twister or Pictionary to retro computer games, organising a scavenger hunt there are different things you can do to get everyone involved and taking part. 

Create A Weekly Activities or Challenge List 

Like most of us you’ll probably be looking back over the year and wondering where the devil has the time flown? Also like most of us, you’ll be wondering why another year has gone by and you’ve not done the things YOU wanted to do. So make a list of all the things you want to see, do and experience in the next year. Either write them down or make notes and place in a jar. Every month make a point to book them over your weekends with friend and family. Just take note if it needs booking set the reminder much earlier to ensure you get your tickets. This year is for doing all the fun stuff! 

Volunteer And Help Others 

There are plenty of people who are alone and struggling. Perhaps help the Samaritans or visit a homeless Shelter. Helping others is proven to give us ‘helpers high’ where we feel good, so let’s do more of that throughout the festive season and the year. 

Whatever you choose to do to see in the New Year, may we wish you a wonderful time over the festive season and into the new year with health, wealth, success, love and happiness. 

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